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Getting Around: Fethiye Car Rental

Wouldn’t it be fabulous to have a date with the beach during your Turkey holiday and as Turkey is home to almost 1,000 miles of Med coastline it should not be a problem finding the perfect beach.

With this in mind there is no excuse for you not to escape from the pool and take to the turquoise seas and super sandy beaches.

Here are few of them that we would love you to hire a car in Turkey and visit this Summer.

Oludeniz Beach

 The world famous Oludeniz beach is right here in the heart of sunny Fethiye.

So you just need to grab your beach towel, sunglasses, sun cream and hop into your car and GO!

You can even take to the skies if you want to skydive off the famous Babadag mountain.

Or simply, just sunbathe, relax and cool off at one of the many beach front bars.

Hop On Over to Hisaronu

After the beach our guess is that you might want to grab a bite to eat. There are many places in Oludeniz right on the beach that you can eat in and grab a cheeky beer.

Or you can take advantage of hiring a car in Turkey and hop on over to sample the bars and restaurants in Hisaronu.

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

Why not jump in the car and explore this eco beach that is a big hit with many yogis. people looking for a quick dip and those who want to enjoy a day of basking in the sun in less commercial surroundings.

But you need to be careful where you put your sun umbrella as this a breeding ground for the loggerhead turtles whose eggs hatch above the surface.

Fethiye car hire

Car rental In Turkey Made Simple With Fethiye Car Hire.

Calis Beach

Calis offers another cool and calm resort and one which is home to many expats who live in Turkey.

Again, the beach is lined with every type of  bar and restaurant that you can imagine. That caters to every taste possible,

Chinese, Italian, pizza and many lovely Turkish restaurants are available on the seafront. You really cannot go wrong!


This is a beautiful resort of that gives you access to the beautiful waters of Turkey. Often seen as the playground for high class Turkish tourists who may want a weekend away from busier cities such as Istanbul or Izmir. Not really a beach area but again there are many lovely restaurants and bars to choose from. And then you can take a nice scenic drive back to Fethiye.

Butterfly Valley 

This laid back bohemian style resort offers a plethora of camp sites. Butterfly valley is nestled at the base of the world famous Babadag mountain.  A day trip here will entail a day of swimming, a hike to the waterfall, followed an evening of star gazing from the outside of your perfectly pitched tent.

We would say that Butterfly Valley is boho tourist heaven and you may well even end the evening with a sing song around the campfire.

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5 Reasons to Hire A Car in Turkey

So Spring is well and truly in its stride and the sun is shining high here in Turkey.

And so we should not really even have to try and convince you to come and hire a car from us.

But we will anyway.

5 Reasons To Hire A Car in Turkey

1. It gives you the Freedom to Explore

Turkey is a huge place, packed full of many beautiful hidden places and tourist spots too. Many of them cannot be reached by foot or even public transport. So the only way to discover some of these beautiful places off the beaten track. Is by biting the bullet and hiring a car in Turkey for your next Turkey holiday.

2. The Family Can Enjoy A City Day Break

So many of our customers come to Fethiye year after year. But after coming here so often, they are dying to get out and explore a little further afield.

To do this many of them hire a family car from us and get out and about. Most enjoy a day trip to bustling city of Antalya.

Here you can shop until you drop, visit some great bars and have a cocktail (or two) and even check in to some of the classiest hotels you have ever seen.

The nightlife in Antalya is second to none. So if you like to hit the dancefloor we would suggest at least a couple of night there.

Then you can hop back into your car and take a slow drive back to the picturesque Fethiye.

3. Turn Your Turkey Holiday Into Adventure

There are some beautiful places set away from the main resorts in Fethiye.

Here is home to Oludeniz, Hisaronu, Calis and Ovacik.

But one of our fav spots is more hidden one called Kabak. A small village hidden in a mountain not far from Oludeniz.

You can get there by dolmus (a mini van style bus). But the ride may be a little hot, sweaty and bumpy and there may not be enough room for your luggage either.

In your own jeep or space cruiser, you can take your time and drive up the mountain.

Stop off and take some breathtaking pictures and that you can show to all your friends. Then continue a slow drive up the beautiful mountain until you reach your hotel or campsite.

There are super classical hotels in a place called Faralya, on route to Kabak that will really make you not want to ever check out.

We are talking 5 star luxury hotels, if you do not believe us feel free to have a look on Google and see for yourself.

4. Car Rentals Are Cooler 

In Summer temperatures in Turkey can hit the mid 40’s and you literally cannot walk anywhere unless you want to drown in your own sweat. So having a car to get from one place to another is the perfect solution. You will comfortable and cool whilst you are in the car with your very own air conditioning system.

5. We Are Here to Help You Find The Best Places 

We have an open door policy at Fethiye Rent A Car.  This means that when you are in Fethiye you can feel free to pop into our offices and pick up a map.

Or speak to our staff who can recommend some fab places for you to explore using one of our cars!

So really, what are you waiting for! If you have booked your holiday you can literally go onto our website and hire a car Turkey in today.

Fethiye car hire

Car rental In Turkey Made Simple With Fethiye Car Hire.

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As you know, Turkey has been in the media spotlight after the recent devastation here.

But we want the world to know that Fethiye and many other parts of Turkey are a world away from these spots.

So holidaymakers are very welcome to come here and feel safe in the knowledge that they can feel safe.

We look forward to seeing you all soon 🙂


Cool Car Rental In Turkey

Well, its official Spring has finally sprung and for us this is good news as we are hopeful that lots holidaymakers will be booking more holidays to Turkey and choosing to hire a car with Fethiye Rent A Car this summer.

Fethiye car hire

Car rental In Turkey Made Simple With Fethiye Car Hire.

We are remaining positive despite the sad news that has overshadowed Turkey in recent weeks with the deaths in Ankara.

We know that this can scare people from coming here.

The Truth About Turkey 

But the truth is this, Turkey is a beautiful and large landscape full of many hidden gems and blessed with beautiful weather.

And sadly the bad news may impact upon the number of holidays booked to  Turkey this Summer.

Infact we know that a number of local holiday providers have seen a dramatic drop in holiday bookings and received cancellations already.

But here in Fethiye life is as tranquil and calm as it always has been and people are safe and sound. We are almost a world away from the drama in Ankara. We know that our regular customers will not be dismayed, but also hope to welcome new customers to take advantage of our pocket friendly Turkey car hire deals too.

And lets face it if you have ever  visited Fethiye you will know that a thriving expat community lives here. Yes, many English nationals choose to retire here in this sweet little city, nestled in South West Turkey. Just because it really is a super beautiful holiday hotspot which boasts a beautiful climate and lots of places to visit that cater to all tastes.

Family Fun and Car Rental

So I guess what we’re saying is this. Do not be put off by the horrific headlines you see in the press.

Turkey is a big place and we value each and every one of our visitors who come to spent their holidays in Turkey.

And the Fethiye Rent A Car Team really hope that customers from across the globe will continue to choose to hire a car in Turkey with us. Car rental in Fethiye gives you the freedom and flexibility to explore tourist attractions such as Oludeniz beach or the swanky Bodrum or beautiful port at Gocek.

Shopping In Turkey 

Many of our customers choose to opt for our car rental in Fethiye so that they can hop into their car and go shopping in a nearby spot for the day. After all, it is so much cooler and comfortable when you and your family/ friends can just jump in a car and pop to Hisaronu for a nice cool beer or just drive along the coast.

Or if you are feeling really adventurous you could drive from Fethiye to Antalya, where you’ll find really big shopping malls with all the designer brands you can think of under one roof. You can literally shop till you drop and then maybe spend one night in Antalya and then drive back to Fethiye the next day.

Resort Hopping In Fethiye

A car also lets you hop from one resort to another or from one beach to the next. Picture this, breakfast in central Fethiye (a lovely Turkish breakfast or maybe a good English fry up) followed by a trip to Hisaronu to grab some gifts for friends, followed by a relaxing dip in the sea at the world famous Oludeniz beach (sounds like heaven, doesn’t it).

That’s the beauty of car hire in Turkey folks.

And on that note, we look forward to seeing you soon this Spring/Summer 2016.

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Fabulous Car Hire In Turkey

If you are looking for a fabulous car hire company in Turkey then look no further than Fethiye Rent A Car.

Yes, we don’t mind blowing our own trumpets and telling you that we are here to offer you the best:

  • Choice of car hire in Turkey 
  • Good quality airport transfers from Turkish airports 
  •  Comfortable cars equipped with air conditioning, car seats for the kids, car stereos and lots of legroom
  • Jeeps for those who really want to explore the Turkish terrain 
  • Cars that can accommodate all of the family so that you can really enjoy your holidays to Turkey.

Customer Service Is Key 

We are also here on hand to help if anything were to go wrong with your car. Our offices based in Fethiye are open to you or we can come to you and ensure that if there any problems we can replace your car at a moments notice. We can also deliver your car right to your apartment, home or hotel when you arrive here in Turkey.

Seeing All That Turkey Has To Offer 

No matter where in Turkey you are heading for this Summer, it is always nice to be able to jump into a car and really explore.

It much easier and gives you the chance to take a drive along the beautiful coastline and take your pick of Turkish beaches to visit.

Fethiye is home to the world famous Oludeniz beach that boasts some of the bluest waters that you have ever seen. You can even take to the skies and paraglide – does not get much more adventurous that that!

Kabak beach is also another hidden gem in Fethiye, nestled in the heart of a gorgeous mountain. This beach is surrounded by stunning nature and camp sites and a plethora of high class Turkish boutique style hotels that cater for those who really want to enjoy some luxury during their holidays to Turkey.

car hire in Turkey

Hire a car with us today and get the ultimate comfort and freedom to explore Turkey


Weddings in Turkey 

Some of customers even come to us to hire cars from us to help get their wedding party from A to B.

If you are getting married in Turkey in Summer 2016. We are sure that you will not want to get caught in the heat of the sun and getting all hot and bothered on your wedding day.

No, you will want to travel in style and feel cool and comfortable on your way to say ‘I do’.

And your wedding party guests will also appreciate the chance to travel to your wedding in a comfortable and cool car aswell.

So Many Reasons To Hire A Car In Turkey With US

So it seems there are lots of reasons why you should come to rent a car in Turkey. Comfort, keeping cool, getting around to see all that Turkey has to offer, travelling between cities and maybe even getting to your wedding in Turkey.

Whatever your reason, we hope that you will come to Fethiye Rent A Car.

Booking Is As Easy as 1,2, 3!

Yes, just go online and visit our website and take a look at all the cars that we offer. They can be hired by the day or for a number of weeks at very cost effective pocket friendly prices.

Infact we thing they are a steal!

You can also follow us on Fethiye Rent A Car on Facebook to see more our latest deals and promotions that we will be showcasing on the approach to Summer.

See You All Soon.





Come to Us and Hire A Car In Turkey

So Spring has sprung and its time to start booking your holidays to Turkey.

And we would love you to come to us when you decide to hire a car in Turkey so you can really get out and about and explore the Turkish terrain!

With some much to see and do it would be a shame for you to miss the sights that you cannot get to on foot. So to ensure you don’t we suggest pop in and see us when you land. Or book online from the comfort of your own home and pick up your car on arrival.

A Wide Range of Cars On Offer 

As you can see on our easy to use website we offer a wide range of cars for you to choose from. So you can travel both in comfort and style. If you are looking for a car that can carry all of the family we can help. Or maybe your looking for an adventure and need a jeep to take you on your very own safari. Whatever you need we have all bases covered.

car hire in Turkey

Hire a car with us today and get the ultimate comfort and freedom to explore Turkey

Take a Tour Across Turkey

Picture this, maybe you are based in Fethiye but would like to take a day trip to Antalya.

But do not want to face a bus journey. You can simply hire a car in Turkey with us and take your journey at your very own pace. Stop off when you wish to see the sites. Drive to your chosen destination and drive back as and when you wish.

Hiring a car in Turkey is a great way to break up your holiday into an adventure you will never forget.  Turkey is one of the hidden gems of the world full of wonderment and so much to see and do.

This is why it is a good idea to travel on four wheels instead of on two feet!

We Are Here To Help You

So let us help you choose the best car for you and get you on the road in Turkey in a hassle free manner. So that when you land here for your much earned Summer break. You can literally just come and collect your car. Or we can bring it directly to you home or hotel.

We are here to make life easier for YOU. So get ready for your summer holiday and relax and know that Fethiye Rent A Car is the best choice for hiring a car in Turkey.

We have been going for so many years and are customers are truly satisfied with the way we do things. We promise you to never let you down.

Get In Touch

So we look forward to hearing from you soon. Book online or come and see us when you land in Fethiye and do not forget to follow us on Facebook and Google +pages  too to get the heads up on all of our latest offers.


Happy Turkey Summer Holidays Everyone.